Sunday, 30 December 2012

WOW! Where Have I Been?

Alright, if you are reading this you will probably know that I have not been keeping up on any blog.  
As of late I have had the urge to blog and now while I was going to create a new stem, this one logged in automatically, I thought... why not?
So from here on out I am going to be using this blog as my main source of blogging.  It will not necessarily pertain to my companies but rather to the full spectrum of the artist you are reading about now. 
Just to let you know, so much of my life has changed since I have last written on a blog. Firstly, I remember praying for an amazing husband, one who was a provider and could really be my best friend.  I got him.  Along with a beautiful step son to boot! 
From there... My business has now grown into two separate brands. Combining photography & graphic design is now achieved in a beautiful and creative way.  Nostalgic Notions is my second baby. Ocular Kraft still exists though it has been put to the side.
I have also managed to complete a degree in business. Overall goal in life will be to achieve a Doctorates of Business Administration, but for now, I am happily pacing along and should complete the Bachelors this upcoming April.  Yay! From there, only about a year (if I am able) to complete my Masters. But all in time.  Right now I am happy with where this is at.
Now... I just wanted to make sure things were updated.  They are far from where I want them to be. I hope to share with you all the really deep and passionate thoughts I have been having as of late.  Thoughts on Inspiration, motivation, love, compassion and more. 
Who am I that you would browse this blog and stop long enough to peruse through my life? I do hope you find it satisfactory but bear in mind... I am a human, I have faults and lots of flaws, many of which you will see. 
Please take care and I do hope to keep up with this further... we shall see. For now, Good night from New Zealand! 


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